Jwala Prasad

In the mid 90's, I attended a ten-day vipassana meditation course. During that time, I had a hard time sitting on the floor as my whole body was hurting.  I thought yoga may help.There were no yoga studios in Cincinnati at that time. Around 1998 the first Ashtanga studio opened and I became a regular student, and was certified to teach Ashtanga yoga in 2001.  About four years ago, I was vacationing in Orlando and the only yoga studio close by was Bikram.  I practiced every day during my stay and was totally addicted. I love the way the sequence of postures was organized.   It has a tremendous amount of therapeutic benefits, physical as well as mental. I continued to practice at Bikram Yoga Cincinnati.  After I retired from my job as an Anesthesiologist, I attended Teacher's Training 26x2 directed by Craig Villani of Raja Yoga Academy. I love to share my practice, teach, and spread the philosophy behind this yoga.

Jwala Prasad is currently not instructing any classes.