Jeff Neltner

I began practicing Yoga and Martial Arts in high school 22 years ago when I had severe injury to my left leg because of my inflexibility. The doctor told me that I would never be able to play again. I started exploring many different types of alternative therapies along with Yoga and was able to heal it well enough to play at Xavier University. After college I lived in China for three years at the Beijing University Sports University with a Martial Arts major to continue to heal my leg with a very aggressive two a day stretching routine. After moving back, I married my wonderful wife Lili and have two children Aiden and Maylin. I then became a registered Nurse. Years after moving back to Kentucky I was very blessed to take my first Bikram Yoga Class in Cincinnati. I was amazed at the rate my body was improving, much better than any other yoga or modality that I had ever tried. I graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the spring 2017 class. I am so excited to share this practice with students. I love seeing everyone grow physically, mentally, and spiritually together.

Jeff Neltner is currently not instructing any classes.