September 22-23, 2018



We are kicking off the official start of fall with a FREE YOGA (& Pilates) WEEKEND
Wait, what? 
That’s right, we are doing FREE classes all weekend long, plus awesome retail specials, giveaways and some healthy treats to keep you hydrated & energized all weekend long!
Why should I go?
Well, first of all, it’s free…and there will be treats!  
But, even better, if you’ve never been here, you can sign up for our Intro Pass during the Free Weekend & get 30 days of unlimited classes for only $20.
And, if you’ve been coming here forever…it’s a great chance to finally get your buddies to come to class with you, and show them how awesome you are!
How do I sign up?
Umm…look down (oh, wait, you're on the phone...scroll down). Yes, there’s the schedule!  Click that “Book” button, you’ll create an account if you don’t have one already, and then just show up for class!  Bring a mat, towel & water…or borrow/buy from us once you’re here.
Get your spot quick…classes will fill up!
Where do I go?
Come right to our studio, Hot House Yoga!   4794 Red Bank Expressway, Cincinnati, 45227. If you get lost or need more info, just give us a call 513-272-3014.


A new season is the perfect time to fit yoga into your life again or for the first time ever!  Join us for a class or two, come see our newly revamped lobby, meet some new friends...and discover how good you’ll feel with a little more sweating in your life!


A personal invitation from Michelle!


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