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You want to get healthier in 2019, but you've tried a bunch of fitness places before & just felt outnumbered, out of place and overwhelmed.  


Our hot yoga and pilates classes are designed for all levels, taught with clear instruction, individual attention and a whole lotta love. 


You'll feel connected and confident from your first class - ready to achieve your healthy goals for the New Year!




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About Our Classes


Hot Yoga


Two versions of the original series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises – the 90-minute original & the 60-minute Express Class!  You will work hard, sweat a lot & feel great as you build strength, increase flexibility & improve your balance.


Key Benefits

Lose Weight & boost metabolism

Increase energy

Sleep better

Increase strength, flexibility & endurance

Reduce stress, depression & anxiety

Improve balance & coordination

Heal chronic conditions like back pain, knee pain & arthritis

Strengthen your immune system

Improve circulation & cardiovascular condition











Inferno Hot Pilates


INFERNO Hot Pilates is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class based on pilates principles.  This low-impact, high-energy class builds core strength & long lean muscles...and is a TON of fun!




Key Benefits:


Builds core strength & stability


Fast Results - burn fat & gain muscle mass at the same time


Efficiently improve your aerobic capacity 


Boost metabolism and keep burning calories even after class (the after burn effect)


Improves heart health


Stimulates production of Human Growth Hormone (slows down aging!)


Variety of exercises keep your body guessing - getting stronger with every class!











Yin Yoga


This warm class will focus on postures with long, slow holds designed to target the connective tissues, ligaments, bones and even the joints of the body. This is a great class to destress, let go, recharge & revive!





Key Benefits:


Increase flexibility & mobility


Exercise your joints & expand connective tissue


Move inward towards more self-love


Access your deep inner body


Clear mental, physical & emotional space


Foster time for meditation


Slow down & release


Regulate your subtle energy


Better your Hot Yoga & Pilates practice









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